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  • About Informed Opinions:


    The Informed Opinions team has many years of experience in recruiting respondents to take part in market research studies. Our online respondent community which includes consumers, business professionals and medical professionals, provides respondents for market research studies from a wide range of sectors.  We aim to ensure that as many people in our community panel as possible get to share their views in research, so that the industry we serve is as representative as possible of the general public as a whole.  As a respondent we need you to get involved whole heartedly and share your thoughts.


    We are members of the Market Research Society, which regulates our industry, and we fully support and adhere to their code of conduct.  


    About Registering:


    By registering with us you will have the opportunity to be contacted and hopefully take part in interesting market research projects specifically aimed at the products and services you use or which interest you.


    Before registering with us you should consider how you would feel about discussing a subject matter you have personal experience of within a group situation (usually up to 8 people) with other similar users whom you have never met before.   


    From the researcher’s point of view we are looking for open minded, sociable and interesting people who feel they will have something useful to contribute.  Attendees should be open to new ideas and products and feel confident that they will have something proactive to contribute to the discussion. 


    The views and opinions gained from market research participants have been beneficial in so many ways including improvements in product design, product packaging, public information leaflets, health awareness and many, many others new products or services, websites, TV programmes, magazines, adverts...

    Market research respondents come from all walks of life.    The more we know about you the more successful we can be in matching you up to the most suitable focus groups.   Each Focus group will have set qualifying set of criteria which will be specified by our client.  The qualifying criteria can be very specific or quite general.  We use a recruitment screener when selecting respondents to attend projects to ensure we are recruiting the right people. 


    If you register with us your contact information is very important.  We will contact you about new projects via email and if you are successfully recruited to a project we will then contact you by phone so when you register you will first have to input your most frequently used (used daily preferably) email address and then make up a security password which you will then use to access your details on our wesite.


    You will be sent an email to verify that your email address is correct and that is a live email address.  Once received you should then activate your membership by clicking on the link in the email we have sent you.  Then you can complete your personal details questionnaire and become a member of our community.


    Your Details:



    The security of your details is top of our agenda.  We take precautions to protect your information. When you submit sensitive information via the website, your information is protected both online and offline.


    It is important that the details we have for you are as up to date as possible.  This is to ensure we only contact you about projects which are relevent to you.  From May 2018 we plan to send you an email once a year to prompt you to logon at www.informedopinions.co.uk and check that your details (postcode, occupation,  life stage, etc.) are up to date.  If we get an email 'bounce back' from you to suggest the email address you supplied to us is no longer valid we will try to contact you on the phone number that you have supplied to ensure you would like to continue being included in our potential project mail outs.  


    As of May 2018 we will require you to agree in your 'Account' that you give us permission to contact you by email and/or phone.  Please ensure these permissions are ticked if you want us to continue to contact you as we will not contact you without these in place.


    We do not use your details for anything other than to contact you for market research purposes.  We never sell or pass your details on to other organisations for them to contact you; your details will only be passed on to our client following a successful application to take part in a group or interview.  The details we pass on to our clients are only relevant to the research project you will be participating in and should only be used by our clients to see how you fit the recruitment criteria they have specified.  Any additional details we may request from you at the time of recruitment qualification are not retained by us for further use after you have taken part in a project.


    You should contact us if you feel your privacy has been infringed in any way.  We take any such claims very seriously and will do our utmost to put things right.  



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