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    • What is a Focus Group?


      A focus group is an organised discussion, usually made up of 6-8 people, typically lasting between 1-2 hours.  Participants are selected to take in particular focus groups, based on a set of criteria relevant to the research. This could include a selection of age groups, gender, family life stages, product usage, etc. which is relevant to the project.


      At the group you will be get involved in a discussion led by a trained moderator. You will be expected to engage in the group and share your views and opinions on the subject.  The feedback, usually over a number of groups held nationally, will then be fed back to the client in order to help them in a whole range of areas including new product developments, advertising and marketing campaigns, branding and packaging and other related services.


      Many groups are held in a viewing facility with an observation mirror and may be video/audio recorded, others may be held in a hotel or other suitable venue.  


      Focus groups are fun, lively and rely on people’s opinions; therefore it is important that you feel comfortable and happy about getting involved before you decide to register with us.

    • What does it involve?


      Focus groups are usually held at a specific time and location. It is therefore important that you are able to travel to that location, and are available for the duration of the discussion, before you agree to take part.


      If you are interested in giving your opinions and playing a part in current and future development of leading company products and services please complete our online registration form by going to 'Sign Up' above.  On full completion of the 'Sign Up' form and once you have agreed with our Terms And Conditions you will be a member of our panel of market research respondents. 


      When completing the joining questionnaire (and any other project related questions if you decide to become a member) it is vital that you provide true, accurate, current and complete information and that you maintain and promptly update your information as necessary. This will give us a better idea of what discussions we should contact you for and also gives you a greater chance of being contacted. Recruitment criteria is always specific so the more info we have about you the more chance you have of being selected.

    • What happens after I have registered with Informed Opinions?


      Once you have registered your details with us these will be stored on our secure database. Informed Opinions is registered with the ICO as a Data Controller.  We handle data responsibiliy and in accordance with the Data Protection Act. We respect our member’s privacy and guarantees that any information given will only be used to select suitable members to attend genuine market research projects.  Your personal details are held in the strictest confidence and will never be divulged or sold on to a third party.


      As soon as a suitable research project becomes available for you, we will contact you by email with brief details.  If you are interested in taking part and available on the date and time specified you will need to let us know.  We then contact all of those interest to go through a brief screener over the phone with you.  This is to ensure you meet all of the criteria required for the particular market research project. If you fit you will be invited to take part in the research and sent an invitation, containing the time, location and duration of the discussion.


      Focus groups are recruited on a first come first serve basis, so it is important that once you have registered with Informed Opinions, you check your emails regularly to ensure you have a greater chance of getting back to us first.  It is important to keep your profile up to date and let us know if your email address changes. 


      You are free to leave Informed Opinions at any time simply by logging into your account and clicking on the unsubscribe link


      Please note, if you cannot attend a research event which you have been confirmed to attend, you will need to let us know as far in advance as possible. Simply not turning up for a research event could affect the likelihood of you being contacted for future discussions.  We will need as much time to repalce you before the date of the research as possible.  Full attendance is important to ensure we have good attendance and the best results for our clients.  This way we get more work to offer you.

    • How much will I be paid for taking part?


      Your individual views and opinions are very important to companies and therefore as a thank you, you could be given anything between £30 and £100 depending on the location, the duration and the complexity of the discussion. Payment is usually given in cash on the day of the group discussion, unless you are informed otherwise. Payment will be decided and supplied by our client and not by Informed Opinions. The incentive on offer will always be made clear at registration stage and unless stated otherwise, will include any extra expenses such as travel, childcare etc.  Incentives are non-negotiable.


      Late arrival (more than 5 minutes) may result in non payment of the incentive.  If you are or think you are going to arrive more than 5 minutes late you should let the venue or our staff know well in advance.  They may decide you arrival will be too late for you to be included in the group.


      As a member of our respondent panel you are not an employee.  Informed Opinions is not responsible for payment of any income tax, National Insurance contributions of any other losses incurred when taking part in a market research session.

    • How often can I participate?


      As much as we value your opinion, it is important that you do not attend more than 1 focus group every 6 months, and you will not be asked to attend a discussion on the same subject as one you have attended in the past. These are guidelines set out by the MRS (Market Research Society) in their code of conduct, to ensure new respondents get a chance to attend a focus group and have their say. This ensures that companies are continuously exposed to fresh views and opinions, and are listening to a larger and much more representative sample of the population

    • How do I register?


      If after reading the information above, this is something you would be interested in becoming a part of, all you have to do is click on our ‘Sign Up’ link above and follow the instructions.  You need to agree with our 4 pre-conditions and have read and agree with the Terms And Conditions of joining the panel and being a panel member.  Then you will be asked to provide personal details and information about yourself which will allow us to find suitable research project to suit your profile and to contact you about.


      You will be asked to provide us with information such as data about your age, gender, occupation, lifestyle and ethnicity. This is needed and used statistically to enable us to achieve an accurate and representative balance within groups. It may also be needed for specific projects where for example the research is focussing on Hair and Beauty.


      If you have stated that you have a disability this information may be used on an individual basis to meet your needs, for example we may need to contact you and ask if you require any assistance of any kind to attend and participate in a group.  We intend to be completely inclusive to get the range of views we require.

    • How secure is my personal information?


      Your personal details can only be accessed via your username and password. It is important that you do not reveal your Informed Opinions user name and password to anyone else.  Informed Opinions is not responsible for any access to data should this information be passed on.  If you think somebody may be aware of your access details you should contact Informed Opinions as soon as possible to change your password


      Informed Opinions is a data controller and registered with the Information Commissiners Office. We will never sell your personal details onto another person/company.


      Informed Opinions is also solely responsible for handling your personal information, none of which will not be passed on to any other person/company without prior consent by you.  We only pass on to our research clients  details which are relevant tothe research project you have been selected to attend for them.  This is so they know why you have been recruited to attend the project.  


      In accordance with our terms of business, our clients must destroy all respondent personal details provided by us on completion of the Market Research.  They should not contact.  This would be a breach of our terms of buisness so please do alert us instantly if this happens to you.


    • Why do we screen for attendance so thoroughly after emailing you?

      It is important that we send the right people along to take part in the research for our clients. For example there, is not much point in asking you to attend a group to talk about weed killier if you do not have a garden and have never used weed killer.  


      If we send the wrong people along to a discussion we are not paid by the client so the screening process vital.  It is also therefore extrememly important that you are completely honest when answering the screening questions.  Any errors in recruitment are always picked out in the group discussion.


      The screening process is thorough for every project we work on. It is our reputation which is on the line when we do not meet the brief.


      We do not store any additional personal details taken from you during the screening process. These are  project specific and of no use to us after the project is completed.

    • MRS Code or Conduct and Confidentiality Agreements?

      As a members of our panel you protected by the Market Research Society's code of conduct, and are fully compliant with the strict confidentiality of the information that you may be party to when participating in market research projects and associated activites.  To view the MRS's code of conduct please click on this link http://www.mrs.org.uk/standards/codeconduct.htm


      Some projects require participants to sign a confidentiality agreement, particularly projects working on new products and designs.  If you attend a project for which you are required to do this you will be informed when first contacted regarding the project or as soon as we are made aware by our client.  It is accepted by Informed Opinions that by enrolling with us you are in agreement with signing any such agreements.  

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